Facebook Applications

Facebook applications are a new way to interact with the customers in an indirect manner. Through Facebook applications, you can both sustain and develop customer relationships.

  • Branded Facebook applications act as means of engaging customerscto the fullest while increasing brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Interactive applications engage the consumers, making them your friends.
  • You can effectively achieve viral marketing objectives through Facebook applications.
  • Generate traffic by creating awareness among non-users through newsfeeds and updates by existing users.

Role Playing Games
"RPGs" are one way to take customers into an imaginary world and engage them, generating revenue in a new way.

Trivia Applications
Let users compete for status, leader board rankings or just for fun.

Gifting Applications
Let users send branded virtual gifts to their friends directly from your Facebook Fan Page.

Utility Applications
Enable users to perform their daily activities, such as sharing with their friends, using utilities like "Bumper Sticker" and "Big Photo."

Multimedia Applications
Give users the ability to submit, view and rate user-generated media with the protection of brand-controlled moderation.

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